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Hosting, MC, Lipsync, Gogo, Makeup Class


Bar & Club events,  Private events,  Business & Company Events


Berlin, Germany / Paris, France


Ghōst is a drag performer with a dark soul.
Born from the underground wave, goth and techno scenes, her drag is inspired by tech noire and science fiction classics such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix.
Blending her love for fashion and makeup with her liking for bondage and fetish, her aesthetic is sensual, dark, and edgy.
Her performance style is sultry, arty and subversive, it relies heavily on story telling and usually takes a political or societal stance.
Ghōst is also a fire dancer which she incorporates into her performances: fire gloves, fire stick and more!
Now based in Berlin, she is originally from Paris where she travels back and forth to host her bimestrial event Tech Noire, and she has been performing across Europe and North America where she used to live.