Law & Haktion

  • © Otto Zinsou
  • Rainer Torrado
  • Otto Zinsou 1

Wave, Synth, EBM, Techno, Noise, Industrial


Bar & Club events,  Private events,  Business & Company Events


Paris, France


Law & Haktion is a duo of accomplished multidisciplinary artists, performers, DJs and activists.

Formed by Lawbenstriel, an atypical non-binary character easily identifiable by their androgynous style and undeniable presence; and Haktion, their tough-looking twin but sweet as a lamb.

Inspired by the goth, new wave and cold wave scenes which they have been part of since their teenage years, Law & Haktion later discovered their love for electro, EBM and techno which now compliment their sets.

Today, Lawbenstriel is an activist who uses music for militant purposes and takes part in events that their consider to be lacking to the Parisian Queer scene.With their other half, Lawbestriel forms Law & Haktion, resident DJs at Forensics’ Tech Noire party in Paris and Night Shift in Berlin.