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Wave, Synth, EBM, Techno, Post-punk, Noise, Industrial


Bar & Club events,  Private events,  Business & Company Events


Berlin, Germany


Based in Berlin, Al Niklaus grew up in Paris where he evolved in the goth and punk scenes in his early teenage years.

After moving to Berlin almost 10 years ago, he discovered techno and noise music which have since completed his sets. Former DJ at Drone, a rhythmic noise and industrial techno event, he has since DJed at many wave and goth events such as TIQ and at industrial techno festivals.

Always expanding his playlist, Al Niklaus is versatile and a true chameleon, playing in turns wave, goth, noise, industrial, techno and EBM, Al Niklaus is now a resident DJ at Forensics’ Tech Noire event in Paris and Night Shift in Berlin.